D'name of Safuraa

D'name of Safuraa
it's me

Sunday, May 1, 2011

helllooooo.....dh masuk bln 5 dh...happy + menakutkan....sbb nya adalah

-- first it is my birthday
-- then 'am going to be 24 years old..oh my god...so, frightening,

anyway...'am happy with my life now...have a great family, mom n cool dad although sometimes they always mumbling...hahaha, n not forget my 3 sisters...who think they are divas...hahaha..

every year each one of them have their own wish for their birthday, it is same goes to me, but this year i don't want anything, but i just hope that my best friend wish to me...i know *** did not remember my birthday, if *** remember, of course *** will wish to me last year.. but what can i do right... hmmmm... what ever is it...*** always be my best friend for ever n ever....

wow, 'am goin' to be 24 years old...what a nice number, hahahhaha, anyway...

Ya Allah, sempena hari jadi ku nie, panjang kan lah umur ku, murahkan rezeki ku, berikan lah aku hidayah serta kekuatan untuk menempuhi cabaran dan dugaan mu di muka bumi mu nie Ya Allah...~Amin~


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